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About Me

Let's get the small talk out of the way, shall we? I am a mum of two, who is currently hobbying from home, as I like to put it. My oldest is in kindy and my youngest just started attending day care a couple of days a week with her older sister. My husband and I have one of those arrangements where he works and I stay at home. He is away for two weeks at a time, and home for one. It currently works for us but it is not the forever plan.
If you are looking to familiarise yourself in (or perhaps you are already seasoned) budgeting, first time Mum stuff, returning to the workforce, indoor plants, Coeliac Disease, all things family, just to name a few, I welcome you to read what I have written or get in contact with me to chat. Just a little disclaimer - I am not nor am I claiming to be an expert. I wish to share my personal experiences with these topics, what I have learnt from them, favourite resources I found and gain insight on other peoples experiences too.
I am learning how to build websites so this allows me to put what I've learn into practice. Open to any feedback. Enjoy :)